DyCo Dynamiques Couplées -- Coupled Dynamics

Closed-loop approach to thermodynamics

This paper is a second part of the analysis of the metabolic behaviour of living system. It discusses the notion of adaptability for living organism


C. Goupil, H. Ouerdane, E. Herbert, G. Benenti, Y. D’Angelo, and Ph. Lecoeur


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We present the closed-loop approach to linear nonequilibrium thermodynamics considering a generic heat engine dissipatively connected to two temperature baths. The system is usually quite generally characterized by two parameters: the output power P and the conversion efficiency \(\eta\), to which we add a third one, the working frequency \(\omega\). We establish that a detailed understanding of the effects of the dissipative coupling on the energy conversion process requires only knowing two quantities: the system’s feedback factor \(\beta\) and its open-loop gain \(A_0\) , which product \(A_0 \beta\) characterizes the interplay between the efficiency, the output power, and the operating rate of the system. By raising the abstract hermodynamic analysis to a higher level, the feedback loop approach provides a versatile and economical, hence fairly efficient, tool for the study of any conversion engine operation for which a feedback factor can be defined.

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